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Beyond The Border

The global pandemic COVID-19 has forced the entire world to enter a new era, which goes by the name Lockdown.  Not even a single country which also includes some of the world’s most powerful nations are able to cope up to this crisis.

As the world responds to the COVID-19 pandemic, companies across all industries are being forced to make the switch to remote-work scenarios. In some cases, these changes have happened overnight, with teams and departments has no other way other than working in this new and unfamiliar way.

The world has come to a big pause. A lot of people are out of the workplace and suffering with totally different circumstances in their lives. This is a global effect! But the entrepreneurs and business owners need to run their business for their future as well as the employees.

There’s no quick fix, but we have come up with a solution so that as a leader you can make your team more engaging and more productive in this global crisis. Now let’s connect globally towards dealing with this situation. In all countries around the world we share the same effects. We deal with the same topics and we look for the same answers.

Jump Movement from The Netherlands and CKH Network from Bangladesh join hands with people on all continents, delivering a global meetup moment, weekly on Thursday at 9PM Bangladeshi time. (GMT+6)

You can join! Through the Jump Movement method, we will connect, we will share, and we will gain confidence and take action steps to better our lives or our work (or what is left of it).

The Jump Movement method is a philosophy and method that creates a safe space in which we connect, share and take a personal decision to move forward.

It is a simple way to connect and engage towards a common direction. It is been used in teams to create engagement and alignment. Now we want to offer it to the world to have ‘a taste of the soup’.

How does it work, what are the outcomes, how does it make you feel as a person, as a co-worker, as a leader, as a parent…? It is for everybody to experience and use for your own benefit.

Jump Movement is available both in and after this crisis. Join us to experience it!

The session will be hosted by Coach Kamrul Hasan, who is an International Speaker & Coach. He is also the CEO of Jump Movement Asia and Founder of CKH Network- a global education platform.

Master trainer for the session is Ineke Hurkmans, Founder of Jump Movement. Jump Movement is active in 14 countries and reached over 200,000 participants.


We welcome everybody that wants to find an answer in these difficult times to move forward.


  • Connect to people worldwide in the same situation
  • Share hopes and fears and start relaxing from this sharing
  • Decide on a next step
  • Be part of this highly interactive and reflective movement

About Jump Movement:

A philosophy and a method that creates movement towards a common goal or ‘attractive direction’
• Naturally
• Self-organizing
• Simple
• Self-empowering


- Postpone judgement
- Sustainable change only comes from inside-out
- Everybody has their own answer!


So, when people experience a space, which is filled with ‘non-judgemental-positive-attention’, they start relaxing, feeling safe and automatically start moving and take action.
- Connect
- share .
- Trust.
- Relax.
- Feel safe.
- Action.
- Share success .


The Jump Movement method contains 7 steps towards a decision every participant makes. Their next step is always directed to a so called 'magnet'. This process is full automatic and self organizing. It creates connection, a safe space and from that people start moving. The process can be facilitated by Jump Movement Certified Professionals in Bangladesh.



Session Time: Every Thursday 9.00 PM (GMT+6)

Starting From: 16th April, 2020.

Session duration: 1 Hour.

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