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Dealing with the Present & Gearing Up for the Future

Online Learning Series

We are all in some way affected by the Covid-19. Many of the conversations are about the impact on health, economy, jobs, livelihood, etc. This is real and we need to first accept it and respond to the immediate realities. Once some of these immediate realities are responded to, it is important to reflect on the way forward.

I am sure you have many questions that needs answers. How do I deal with my immediate challenges? How do I maintain mental peace so that I can think clearly? What is the higher purpose of my life? Is it in service of something bigger for the flourishing and sustenance of the process of life directly or indirectly? Does it make you realize that your life-purpose needs revision? Does this make you think of a new business or vocation to embark on, a new knowledge and skill to develop, new ways to learn, a new product or delivery channel to develop, assets to invest in or dispose of, new relationships to develop, find more time for self, family, nature and spirituality etc.?

It is time to reflect, decide and take-action in reinventing our lives so that we are in sync with the universal energy system as it creates our new reality.

CKH Network & Sensei International has designed a 10 sessions online learning experiences to help, guide and inspire you to learn, reflect, reinvent and transform yourself. We draw from the sciences of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Transcendental Meditation, Silva Life System, Silva Intuition System, Quantum Methods, Psychology, Spirituality and Sociology to design these 90-minute sessions that will provide highly enjoyable, experiential & practical learning experiences.

Your Facilitators

Benefits of the program

1. Understand the basic principles of stress management in present situation.
2. Recognize your stress triggers and how to manage them.
3. How to overcome your biggest challenges and pains.
4. Ways to master life’s challenges with ease.
5. Develop proactive responses to stressful situations.
6. Use coping tips for managing stress.
7. Learn to manage stress through some of world’s best method like Neuro linguistic programming, Transcendental meditation, John Maxwell Coaching method, Silva life system.
8. Develop a long-term action plan to minimize and handle the crisis.

Session Outline

Session 1 – Where am I now? What do it do? - Kamrul Hasan & Ranjan De Silva
  • My current concerns and aspirations
  • My personal SWOT
  • Immediate strategies – Money, Work, Family, Health, Mental Peace, Spirituality
  • Prioritisation and my first steps?
  • Reflective thinking and writing
Session 2 – Planning your life – Ranjan De Silva
  • Purpose & goal distinction
  • Purpose Finder
  • Bottom-lines ~ 5 year and 1 month strategy
  • Seven daily habits
Session 3 – Making the best use of time – managing your life – Kamrul Hasan
  • Value of time and space
  • Time to grow matrix
  • Mind-set to make the best of time
  • Behavioural changes to make the best of time
Session 4 – Programming the mind for success and happiness through NLP – Ranjan De Silva
  • Introduction to NLP & Unbelievable Potential
  • Success & Happiness
  • Three mental habits for success and happiness
    (Physiology, pink elephant, Questions are the answer.)
  • Transformational Vocabulary
Session 5 – Enhancing performance through NLP – Kamrul Hasan
  • Physical mastery
  • Multisensory depiction
  • Silence negative inner voice
  • Focus on quality of experiences
Session 6 – Unloading the baggage through NLP – Ranjan De Silva
  • Erasing bad memories
  • Giving up bad habits
  • Handling Criticism
Session 7 – Creating the Future – Kamrul Hasan
  • Silva Life System,
  • Silva Intuition System,
  • Quantum Methods
Session 8 – Stress in to Success – Ranjan De Silva
  • Stress and its management
  • Pressure & stress distinction
  • Stress management techniques
Session 9 – Mental Relaxation – Kamrul Hasan
  • Transcendental Meditation
  • Advanced Mental Techniques
Session 10 – Taking control of your response through NLP – Ranjan De Silva
  • Introduction to Anchors
  • Building Anchors
  • Collapsing Anchors
  • Controlling bad temper using Anchors
  • Enhancing performance through Anchors
Session 11 – Sustaining the change – Kamrul Hasan & Ranjan De Silva
  • Sharing of Success Stories
  • Practical Questions and Answers
  • How to sustain the transformation

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