About the Course

Employability Skills are a set of skills, knowledge, and attributes that make an individual more employable. These skills are important because employers look for people who have good communication, computer knowledge, and a positive attitude towards work. This course is designed to make learners employable and give them the right step towards a successful career.

The curriculum uses simulations for learner’s practice and also has a strong assessment program to measure learner’s progress. With these comprehensive skills and knowledge, the learner can definitely ace the employers’ expectations.

Course Overview

CKH Network: Executives Employability Skills Development Course is a perfect blend of education and experience which will make a learner eligible not just for a job, but to be successful in most roles, one will need skills that are likely to develop over time. The course will help learners move up the ladder in their careers & accomplish their goals.

An USA based philanthropic organization; Wadhwani Foundation developed this course with their experts and by collecting data from 1100+ big organization and their hiring managers.  In Bangladesh CKH Network has partnered up with Wadhwani Foundation to distribute this course across the nation for the development of Bangladesh.

The Course is structured into 8 competency clusters and can be customized to specific needs of the target audience. It is a comprehensive course addressing common requirements across all sectors and employers. Through competency development in communication, problem solving, teamwork, customer centricity, attitude & behavioural skills, workplace awareness, entrepreneurial mindset and digital literacy, individuals can be productive from their first day on the job.

Medium of Training

CKH Network will provide access to their web-based training module by individual log-in and password.

Learning Assessment

This online module has provisions to track and evaluate trainee’s learning. A facilitator from CKH Network, Wadhwani Foundation and responsible person from the respective organizations will monitor it.

Who Should Join:

Teams, with their leaders who want to stay connected and effectively working towards desired results.
Corporate Leader.
Job Holder

Areas of Development:

- Workplace Communication Skill
- Problem Solving Skill by Adopting Design Thinking, Creative Thinking and Critical Thinking
- Team Work
- Workplace Digital Literacy
- Attitude & Behavior- Emotional Intelligence, Time and Task Management, Learnability, First Aid and Safety Best Practices
- Entrepreneurial Mindset
- Aligning with organizational Values and Believes
- Adopt and Respond to Change

Learning Method:

The training program follows the below methodology:
- Watch- Self Learning
- Think- Self Learning
- Collaborate- Online Session by Facilitator of CKH Network & Wadhwani Foundation
- Do – Self Learning
- Explore- Self Learning

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Internet connection
Valid E-mail ID
Basic Level of English Knowledge

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