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Getting your team connected and moving towards your mission (online)

Engaged Team Programs

The benefits of engaged teams in your company are numerous! When business owners or managers can trust their teams to keep moving, they relax, and they can be working on strategy instead of being bothered with details. But how do you create trust and space for the team if you keep having the feeling that you need to be there to make sure things happens accordingly? We don’t have to spell out the pressure and time squeeze that is there.

The Jump Movement Engaged Team programs are structurally designed as an interactive way to start moving towards the organizational most common challenge: “Aligned team productivity”. The aim of the program is to get your team more connected and moving towards your mission and strategy. In general, these programs are done offline.

We are going through a difficult time, therefore transforming this program into an online meetup is a useful and appropriate alternative, so we offer a 2-hour online session to get started and have teams start relating and moving towards desired directions.

In a way, the world has come to a big pause. A lot of people are out of the workplace and suffering with totally different circumstances in their lives. This is a global effect! Entrepreneurs and business owners need to run their business for the future of the company and its employees.

Engaged Team session

Jump Movement Engaged Team session is a highly interactive and reflective session. It’s to enable the team to reflect on their current situation, create support and connection and align on a so called ‘magnet’ (direction to move towards).

It creates concrete steps for every team member to take towards that direction.

Program Requirements:

This is a 2-hour program designed to serve from the online platform Zoom. So, employees can do this from their home or offices. People need have stable internet, with video option. This is very important to maintain the interactive character of the Jump Movement method.

Maximum participants is 10 people per session. If the team is bigger, we can facilitate multiple sessions per group of 10.

Session Benefits:

  • Highly motivated workers
  • Effective leadership.
  • Higher productivity / profitability
  • Positively influence on other employees
  • More enthusiastic about their work
  • More comfortable staying in their role
  • Greater employee satisfaction.
  • People feel safe, they relax and start moving!

Who Should Join:

Teams, with their leaders who want to stay connected and effectively working towards desired results. Teams who are scattered in these times of lock down and need an effective way to connect and keep going. Teams that need to have a structural method of aligning, reflecting and start moving.

About Jump Movement:

A philosophy and a method that creates movement towards a common goal or ‘attractive direction’
• Naturally
• Self-organizing
• Simple
• Self-empowering


- Postpone judgement
- Sustainable change only comes from inside-out
- Everybody has their own answer!


So, when people experience a space, which is filled with ‘non-judgemental-positive-attention’, they start relaxing, feeling safe and automatically start moving and take action.
- Connect
- share .
- Trust.
- Relax.
- Feel safe.
- Action.
- Share success .


This online Jump Movement session creates engagement in the team by using a few basic principles as guidelines. It’s a self-organizing system, executed by following the principles of Jump Movement and ultimate the 7 steps of the conversation method. It brings the participants full automatically to more connection, more engagement and action towards a commonly shared direction.

In every session the program contains:

- Introduction on the participants
- What is Jump Movement?
- ‘How do people move (or not)?
- Finding the ‘magnet’ of this team
- Do the extended version of the Jump Movement conversation
- Reflecting in the team
- Closing

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