About Leadership Excellence

Coaching is a popular leadership development competency practiced widely by young professionals in Bangladesh.

Coaching Certification: Distinguishing Your Leadership with Coaching

Professionals in this global marketplace must know how to motivate, inspire and reach people across cultures and time zones. Engaged employees produce better results, are more committed to the success of their colleagues, and the care about company’s mission with greater attention. Coaching is one of the most impactful ways businesses, NGOs and government agencies can increase employee engagement, retention and satisfaction.

The program will provide unmatched mind and heart transformation for the participant who can launch their own training or coaching career or work as associate resources with the CKH Network & Sensei Wisdom.


Madeline McNeely

Adjunct Faculty & Trainer, Harvard University

Target Audience


Manager level positions




HR professionals




Organizational development trainers interested in coaching


People from all industries are welcome

The Suit of Resources Include

Leadership Excellence 90 min Free Sampler: 

In this one-hour webinar, you will learn some powerful coaching tools and be introduced to CKH Network’s Level I Coaching Certification program

Leadership Excellence – PART I: 

The Coaching Certification Modules

8 hours program designed to provide Coaching Fundamentals, The Coaching Leader’s Body, Coaching, Neuroscience &Trust.

Leadership Excellence – PART II: 

Practice Coaching Buddies must be video recorded, in trios 90 minutes for a total of 8 sessions (2 practice sessions between each module), 12 hours total.  Each person will get to practice twice between each module for at least 20 minutes each session.

Leadership Excellence – PART III: 

The final 1 month is a Coaching Sessions with a pro bono “client” for a total of 4 one-hour sessions plus 5 hours a week preparation totally 4 hours of coaching and 2.5 hours in the last month of the program.

Certification Requirement/Assessment Process


Pre-Coaching Intention 2-3-page paper


Video tape coaching sessions 2 per module

- Posted to a closed YouTube channel
- Slack for group communication and materials


Written Pro Bono Coaching Scope

- Prep coaching notes for client
- Complete worksheet after each session and prepare for next session


Post Coaching Reflection 2-3 pages

- Summary of learning from entire certification program
- Summary of learning from Pro Bono Coaching
- What’s next to build your coaching muscles and practice

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    Session 1 – September 24 – 11am-12.30 pm
    Session 2 –  October 2 – 11am-12.30 pm

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