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About the Coaching Program

Yes, we are going through a frightening time right now due to coronavirus pandemic. All of us are watching the news headlines and can’t help but wonder, “What is going to happen next?” It seems like the only certainty is the uncertainty.

However, this tension may vary from person to person, based on their diverse professions. Many professionals are threatened by the lack of job security and financial stability in the months to come. Yet, there are still many things we all can do—even in the face of an unforeseen crisis—to manage our anxieties and fears.

How do we survive and overcome this tension? Not just during a global pandemic but also during any crisis in our lives. Right now, we have the gift of precious time to prepare ourselves for an unpredictable future.

Yes, we can utilize this time to combat our stress and anxiety, and thus effectively allay the fear of contagion through healthy, productive methods in our lives.

CKH Network Presents: The Art & Science of Stress & Productivity Management – For Career/Business Success.

This is a powerful one to one coaching process which provides practical tips and techniques to help you to manage your stress and anxiety and reduce the fear of contagion to stay productive.

The objective of this coaching is to provide more an in-depth understanding of the subject and to offer practical methods to deal with stress. Each individual will get access to a customized coaching session, catering to your personal needs. Each participant can get a free assessment session before coaching. We are offering a MONEYBACK GURANTEE if you are not satisfied.

For Whom:

Anyone, who is anxious and depressed but hesitant to communicate and needs life direction through counseling and mentorship. This course can be especially beneficial to goal-oriented top-level professionals like CEO, MD, Chairman, Directors, Senior Managers who are striving for top notch success and want to develop themselves as a game changer.

Benefits of the Program:

1. Become aware of your own strengths, weaknesses and needs.
2. Know the techniques to lead a healthy and happy life.
3. Understand and recognize Stress and Mental Health Issues in Ourselves and Others.
4. Maintain a Healthy Work-Work Balance.
5. Manage Distractions/Disruptions.
6. Improves communication process.
7. Recognize your stress triggers and how to manage them.
8. Develop proactive responses to stressful situations.
9. Deliver effective management.
10. Use practical coping strategies.
11. Adapt your style and material to suit the situation.
12. Work with difficult situations and people.

Coaching Methodology:

The complete coaching process will be tailored made for each individual. Each session is one to one session.
1. Neuro Linguistic Programming.
2. DISC Consultancy.
3. Techniques from Silva Life system & Silva Intuition System.
4. Techniques from Transcendental Meditation.
5. John Maxwell coaching method
6. Harvard university coaching guideline.

Coaching Process:

Step 1: Individual Profile Assessment (30 minutes Complimentary Assessment Session).
Step 2: Introduction, who are we and Find your purpose.
Step 3: Find your Inner Obstacle & Fear.
Step 4: Difference of various kind of stress in different situation.
Step 5: Identify the level of stress.
Step 6: Stress Management & Stress Reduction Techniques.
Step 7: Combating & Controlling- Physical stress, Mental Stress, Emotional Health.
Step 8: Stress Management & Stress Reduction Techniques.
Step 9: Attitude of Gratitude.
Step 10: Mindset shift to productivity and success.
Step 11: Bonus Lesson on Public Speaking & Communication.
Step 12: Final Assessment and Tips.

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