Turning Point

A new beginning with effective mentor-ship

Life is full of moments. Life is full of events. Within these moments we struggle and thrive. But on the journey of life we create lots of stories, but probably we don’t get the chance to share.

We all aspire to become successful, we are working every day to achieve our desired success but we don’t realize that yes we can narrate the story of struggle& joy, but we also need a mentor to guide us and to turn our story into an amazing history that we will be proud of.

For the first time in Bangladesh, TURN is bringing you a platform where you can share your life story, your life goal and our world class mentors will guide you towards a right direction to thrive.

TURN is here to hear you story. You can be a student, a professional or even a top-level executive or entrepreneur. But we want to hear it and we want to create a turning point in your life. TURN mentors will guide you about how to look, organize, edit and share your story to everyone and why this is important. You will share your journey of life and goal and our mentors will guide you to connect your goal with your current story of life.

Power of Storytelling and Mentorship


Discover Yourself

Telling your stories to a larger audience and expert mentors can be incredibly exciting and helpful to discover yourself and understand your current potential.


Desired Success

Experts will help you to connect your current story with your future goal for a new beginning towards desired success.


Become Mindful

Storytelling will also help you for a mind shift for breakthrough success and you will find the light to become mindful as well.


Effective Mentorship

Your own crafted words can give inspiration and a matter to think and explore for others who may not know their current situation and looking forward to set a course of life. Many people can also connect their untold story and struggle with yours and in both individuals can get a new beginning with effective mentorship.


Identify Connection

With a group of people and mentors, you may identify strong connection with your struggles, life goal, achievement and perseverance in a way that they were previously experienced.


Professional Success & Personal Excellence.

For a strong professional success, you need to learn how ton express and achieve. TURN mentors will help you to analyze yourself, your goal and walk with you in a new beginning with effective and structured mentorship which will lead you to a life of personal excellence.

Our Mission:

Our mission to connect your story with an effective mentorship process, which will inspire you to take action for achieving goals.


Turn is looking forward to your true story and aspire to build this event as a turning point of your life.

The process of storytelling will help you to understand and discover your potential. Based on that, our mentors will guide you to reach towards your fullest potential and achieve desired professional / life success. This will bring a positive change in your life and society as well.

Because naturally we don’t share our story or goal to an audience and we can’t evaluate ourselves.

Your Mentors

Kamrul Hasan

Kamrul Hasan, the founder of CKH Network is an international speaker and Coach, Success Mentor, and a Behavioral Consultant.He is also a Silva Life System & Silva Intuition System Graduate, Quantum Graduate, Transcendental Meditation Graduate…


Hey there, I’m Taslim, marketing professional and a mentor with focus in transforming organizations and lives for good. Throughout my career I have demonstrated my skills in marketing and corporate communications, strategy development…


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    Time & Date: 9 pm-10 pm, 19 June/20 June,20

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    Email: coachkamrul@ckhnetwork.com


    1. Who Should attend?

    – People can join from various backgrounds. E.g.: University Students, Corporate Professionals, Top level executives, Business owners.

    2. Why it is important to Turn your life and let the magic begin from inside out?

    –  Everybody wants to achieve success and reach their goal. But the road to success is not smooth. It’s not straight. You can ask to anyone who has achieved success in any area of their life will tell you that their journey was not an easy one. So, in the journey of life, you need to meet your current status at a crossroad and take the turn to reach towards your goal. But how?

    3. Why Storytelling and mentoring is important today for your career success?

    – Crafting your story or even hearing someone’s story activates your brain in different ways. You need to think deep and explore. This process helps you to get a better understanding of your way of life and what you should do. Storytelling is also an important skill for your professional success as well. You can tell stories in order to persuade people.

    To craft a story, demonstrate it and find the point to turn, you need a mentor. A structured guidance to thrive in the way you want and the suitable way you can manage. Organized and customized process which will ensure the success for you can only be possible from a mentor who holds greater experience.

    4. What you will get from the program?

    – Turning point!! You can understand from the name the program will bring something which is related to discover a turning point or where you should turn.

    You live once and one live to achieve it all. Day passes but do you know that you have reached your fullest potential or not? What is current status? Can it be better? TURN mentors will hear your current story and will connect your story to your goal. They will deliver an organized, effective process for you which will help you to turn and lead the life in a different dimension to achieve the success.

    5. How it is going to help you fulfill your desire and dream?

    – In our life sometimes, we know that we are stuck and want to get rid of that. Sometimes people also don’t realize that they are stuck and they haven’t tested the power of their enormous potential.

    TURN is here to disrupt yourself. TURN is here to discover yourself. Craft your story and let TURN mentors will bring the magic. They will guide you, help you to unleash your hidden potential and will handhold you to your success road. Sounds like a turning point, right? Yes, it is!!